Publisher of Whitten’s Step-by-Step Guides

Mooncat Publications is proud to announce the release of the newest addition in our textbook series, Whitten’s Step-by-Step Guides. Pediatric Airway Management: A Step-by-Step Guide follows in the tradition of Anyone Can Intubate: A Step-by-Step Guide to Intubation and Airway Management, by providing easy to understand text and hundreds of detailed illustrations, photos, and on-line videos to teach how to manage the airway and intubate our littlest and most vulnerable patients.

Our books and videos intend to reach young professionals beginning their training as medical, nursing, and paramedic students, medical residents, nurse anesthetist trainees, midwives, and other medical personnel needing ACLS training. They are also useful for practicing medical professionals who want to learn new tips and techniques, or just brush up on the basics of these vials skills. Educators will appreciate how the detailed descriptions, illustrations and videos assist with their