Mooncat Publications is dedicated to improving our world through word, graphics and video. Our books and videos on patient care are designed for students, as well as their instructors, to help make the complicated easier to learn and master.

The first edition of Anyone Can Intubate was published in 1987. Since then it has been used to teach a generation of EMTs, nurse anesthetist students, anesthesia and emergency room residents nurses, and respiratory therapists. The 5th edition has been completely redesigned for electronic media. It is available in both eBook and printed formats. Now with over 300 figures, including over a hundred new figures and photos. The text has been extensively revised and updated. Covers the following topics:

  • airway anatomy, including differences between adult and child
  • basic equipment and how to use it
  • intubation techniques, including pediatric and nasal intubations
  • avoiding common errors
  • strategies for difficult intubations
  • relieving airway obstruction and assisted ventilation
  • safe sedation techniques
  • local anesthetic nerve blocks of the airway
  • use of muscles relaxants for rapid sequence induction (RSI)
  • supraglottic airways including LMA, combitube, esophageal airway
  • intubation of the trauma victim
  • advanced intubation techniques, including fiberoptic intubation
  • complications





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Introduction to Intubation, 50 min

 Topics Include:

  • step-by-step techniques for intubating adults
  • anatomy for intubation
  • preparing and using intubation equipment
  • tips for performing difficult intubations
  • avoiding common errors
  • complications
  • extubation
  • Newly revised and expanded!

Nasotracheal Intubation, 40 min

Topics include:

  • step-by-step techniques for performing nasotracheal intubations
  • equipment for nasal intubations and its use
  • complications during and after
  • common errors and how to avoid them
  • Newly revised and expanded!

Airway Management, 35 min

Topics include:

  • step-by-step techniques for airway management
  • anatomy
  • equipment relating to airway management
  • establishment of airway using nasal or oral airways
  • managing the airway bag and mask
  • common errors and how to avoid them
  • Newly revised and expanded!

Pediatric Airway Management and Intubation, 58 min

Topics include:

  • teaches step-by-step techniques for intubating infants and children
  • details differences in pediatric anatomy
  • illustrates equipment for pediatric airways›
  • special techniques for intubating children
  • common errors and how to avoid them
  • Newly revised and expanded!

Fiberoptic Intubation, 38 min

Topics include:

  • step-by-step techniques for performing fiberoptic intubations
  • indications and contraindications for use
  • design and preparation of equipment for fiberoptic intubations
  • common errors and how to avoid them
  • complications during and after
  • Newly revised and expanded!
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